Voyage Charter Pros

Voyage Charter Pros

Voyage Charter provides a flexible means by which a ship can be provided for the carriage of a specific cargo between two specific ports. To this extent it will provide cover for a cargo interest’s short-term requirement to move cargo from X to Y.

Additionally, a shipowner can provide short-term employment for the ship by engaging them on voyage charters.

Many shipowners operating fleets of ships will employ ships in this way in order to balance their portfolio of work. A number of ships from the fleet will be operated on long-term time charters to provide a steady income stream for the shipowners.

The remaining proportion of the fleet will be employed on Voyage Charters in order to allow the shipowners to benefit from fluctuations in the market price for ships caused by shortages of ships.

In this way Voyage Charters provide a flexible solution to the intrinsically variable demands of shipping.