Wood Pulp

Wood Pulp

Wood Pulp is also known as paper-pulp, wood-pulp is manufactured from pulpwood in a variety of ways, based either chemically or mechanically.

Thereafter, the pulp is compressed into bales and shipped either ‘wet’ or ‘dry’, Dry bales may be strapped into units of, say, 20 tonnes each, necessitating substantial ship or shoreside handling gear.

The bales must be kept clean and flash-dried bales absolutely free of moisture, failing which they may violently expand.

Consequently, dry wood-pulp bales are carried underdeck. Wet bales may be carried on deck but, particularly with this type of wood-pulp, every effort should be made to avoid foreign matters becoming embedded into the bale – especially fibre from cargo rope – which will lower the value if not ruin the product.

Dry Wood-Pulp Bales vary in stowage between 40 and 60 cubic feet per tonne depending on manufacturing process; wet bales between 50 and 70 cubic feet per tonne.