Agricultural Commodities

Agricultural Commodities

Sheanuts: The fruit of a West African tree which yields an edible fatty substance, sometimes referred to as Shea or Galam Butter. Like all nuts, liable to heat so must be well ventilated and shipped dry.

Sisal: A fibre from a plant native to Florida and Mexico but grown extensively in India, Malaysia, and East Africa, and used as a strong cordage fibre. Usually shipped in bales and to be stowed away from oils and greases to lessen risks of spontaneous combustion. Carrying ships should be fitted with fire smothering equipment.

Tea: The dried and prepared leaf of the tea plant shrub, used as a beverage and grown extensively in India, Sri Lanka, the Far East, and in East Africa, and shipped worldwide; usually in single or palletised tin foil lined plywood cases; in polythene lined cardboard cartons; (usually palletised); and in hessian and woven fibre plastic polythene lined bags; although on larger volume trade routes where facilities exist, certain teas are shipped in paper sacks in containers. If tea becomes damp it loses aroma, it also taints easily and so should be stowed well away from odourous commodities.

Tobacco: The dried leaves of a plant used for direct smoking, or in the manufacture of cigarettes and cigars, for chewing, and for snuff. Exported principally from South East Africa and from the Eastern USA, in bales, cases, and in hogsheads (large casks or barrels.) Stowage factor of tobaccos varies widely depending upon variations in the weight of dried leaf and on the method of packing. Excess moisture present in the cargo compartment leads to mildew, and tobacco is liable to sweat, to overheat and both to taint other goods and be affected by odours itself. Excessive ventilation reduces the flavour but adequate air supply is necessary. Accordingly, ships with efficient air change systems are preferred.

  • Tobacco (American) Hogsheads Stowage Factor 70/80
  • Tobacco (South African) Cases Stowage Factor 120/140
  • Tea Chests Stowage Factor 70/150
  • Sheanuts Bulk Stowage Factor 65
  • Sheanuts Bagged Stowage Factor 75
  • Sisal Baled Stowage Factor 90/110