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Ocean Transportation of Dry Bulk Cargoes

Main Activity: Chartering - Voyage Charter and Time Charter
Ships: Handy, Handymax, Supramax, Ultramax Dry Bulk Carriers
Size: 10,000 to 65,000 DWT
Operating Areas: Worldwide
Main Cargoes: Coal, Grain, Iron Ore, Steel, Cement, Clinker, Sugar, Fertilizer, Logs, Scrap

Handysize ships are the most versatile ships and are called “workhorses” of the oceans. Handysize ships are well suited for ports lacking infrastructure and for ports with length, draft restrictions. HandyBulk mainly charters, manages, operates bulk carriers for exclusive traders and charterers. HandyBulk provides cost effective ocean transportation for cargoes such as coal, scrap, fertilizer, alumina, bauxite, metals, concentrates, bio fuels, grain, minerals, steel, cement, clinker, logs, pet coke, sugar etc. HandyBulk's experienced crew safely carry and handle cargoes. HandyBulk understands and appreciates charterers' and traders' shore challenges. HandyBulk assures the best maritime service in all oceans of the world.

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HandyBulk is committed to the protection of the environment and run operations in accordance with internationally recognized environmental management standards as a minimum and aim for continuous improvement of our environmental awareness.


HandyBulk place safety first in every single day and around the clock on all ships. HandyBulk has a systematic approach to health and safety management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement on all ships and office.


HandyBulk has always been and will be admired for utmost honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of business. HandyBulk employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private activities and their part in the conduct of company business.


HandyBulk focused on providing dry bulk shipping services to the mutual benefit of our charterers, traders, customers, shipowners, employees and all relevant stakeholders. HandyBulk aspire to be “Long-term Partner You Can Trust”.

Long-term Partner You Can Trust

Efficient, Safe and Environmentally Friendly
Dry Bulk Shipping Services

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Ocean Transportation of Dry Bulk Commodities

All types of commodities are carried in modern handy handymax bulk carriers. HandyBulk works Voyage Charter basis, short term and long term Time Charter basis.
HandyBulk possess several decades of commercial expertise and technical knowledge.
HandyBulk provides advanced shipping solutions with special focus on reliable and efficient customer service, quality performance, professional voyage execution and competitive cost optimization – all closely linked to our strong close commercial and operational relationships.
HandyBulk standards are always kept high with a constant focus on reliable, first class, efficient, modern shipping services.