Ammonium Nitrate Shipping

Ammonium Nitrate Shipping

Bulk Ammonium Nitrate (AN) manufactured in varying strengths and possibly including calcium carbonate – lime salt such as Calcium Ammonium Nitrate CAN – and/or dolomite.

Certain Ammonium Nitrates (AN) are capable of overheating and consequent self-decomposition, thereby emitting toxic fumes and being liable to explode.

Extremely dangerous types of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) are prohibited from carriage at sea, but a prudent trader will, nevertheless, carefully check the exact type of Ammonium Nitrate (AN) that requires transportation, and vet its characteristics and its compatibility with any other cargo being carried at the same time.

Ammonium Nitrate Stowage Factor

  • Bulk Ammonium Nitrate Stowage Factor  30/35
  • Bagged Ammonium Nitrate Stowage Factor  44/50