Armator Shipping


d’Amato Shipping backed Armator Shipping commenced operating supramax and kamsarmax bulk carriers. Armator Shipping inaugurated offices in Switzerland, London, and Malta.

Armator Shipping has established chartering and operations division in Switzerland. Armator Shipping has established administration and claims division in London. Armator Shipping has established a technical management division in Malta. Armator Shipping was established by Andrea Organista d’Amato. Andrea Organista d’Amato is the grandson of Michele d’Amato. According to Andrea Organista d’Amato, Armator Shipping is endeavoring to invest and charter supramax and kamsarmax bulk carriers.

Armator Shipping’s chartering and operating division in Lugano, Switzerland will be led by Andrew Francis. Previously, Andrew Francis was the manager of Thoresen Shipping.

Armator Shipping’s investment division in Geneva, Switzerland will be led by Gavin McGrath. Previously, Gavin McGrath was the manager at the StepStone Group, following the StepStone Group’s acquisition of Swiss Capital in 2016, where Gavin McGrath was head of shipping investments.

Armator Shipping’s technical division in Malta will be led by Rosario Russo. Previously, Rosario Russo was part of the d’Amato Shipping team.

Currently, Armator Shipping is a thoroughly integrated company that is actively seeking for investment deals. In a few years, Andrea Organista d’Amato wants Armator Shipping to be extremely auspicious within the supramax and kamsarmax segments.