Charterparty Ship Warranted Description

On the face of it, it would appear that the vessel must comply with her warranted description at the time the charterparty is entered into. However, this creates issues and particularly   raises questions  over whether  or not the vessel  needs to comply  not only at the date of the charterparty   but also throughout  the period  of the charterparty, when  she is delivered,  or at any other stage. The courts have approached this  question by considering  what  the  item  of description is and  hen deciding whether   it should  apply  only  on  delivery   or throughout  the time of the charterparty.  So representations   of the vessel’s  speed and fuel consumption   have been  held to apply  not only when  the contract  was made,   but  also  on  delivery,   and,   in  certain   circumstances, throughout the charterparty period. Statements  as to the vessel’s  class have been held to apply only at the time the charterparty contract  is entered  into.  It has been suggested that to the extent that  a  uniform  approach   is possible  it should  be that  as  adopted   in  Isaacs  v McAllum  1921. In that case the court  held that the description related to the ship at the date of the charter  but there was an implied term  in the charter   that  the  owner  would  not  then  alter  the  ship  so  as  to  prejudice   the services  to be rendered  to the charterer.