Coal Charterparty Forms

Coal Charterparty Forms

Various charter-parties are used for coal carriage, based on geographical areas:

  • BIMCO COAL-OREVOY: COAL-OREVOY is a standard coal and ore voyage charter party. It is accompanied by its own bill of lading, COAL-OREVOYBILL 2016. The latest edition of this contract is COAL-OREVOY, issued in 2003.

  • From USA/Canada/Australia: Americanised Welsh Coal Charterparty 1953 – Amended 1979 AMWELSH
  • From Australia: Australian Coal Charterparty AUSCOAL
  • From South Africa : The Anthracite Producers Assn Charterparty 1974 – SAF AN CHART No2
  • From Poland: BIMCO Coal Voyage Charterparty 1971 (Revised 1976) POLCOAL VOY
  • From Russia: Soviet Coal Charterparty 1962 for Coal, Coke and Coaltarpitch from the USSR (Layout 1971) SOVCOAL



BIMCO Coal and Ore Voyage Charter Party

BIMCO, or the Baltic and International Maritime Council, is an international shipping association that provides a wide range of services to its members, including standard contracts and clauses for charter parties and other shipping-related agreements.

One of these standard contracts is the COAL-OREVOY, which stands for Coal and Ore Voyage Charter Party. It’s a standard form of voyage charter party, which is an agreement between a ship owner and a charterer that specifies a particular voyage for the ship to undertake.

In the case of the COAL-OREVOY, this charter party has been specifically designed for the carriage of coal and ore. The agreement will typically cover key details like the loading and unloading ports, the freight rate, the quantity of cargo to be carried, and the responsibilities of both the ship owner and charterer.

It’s important to note that the COAL-OREVOY, like other standard BIMCO forms, is merely a starting point for negotiations between the ship owner and charterer. Both parties are free to modify the standard form to suit their particular needs.


We kindly suggest that you visit the web page of BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) and learn more about BIMCO Coal and Ore Voyage Charter Party to obtain the original BIMCO COAL-OREVOY Charter Party Forms and documents.



Americanised Welsh Coal Charterparty (AMWELSH)

The Americanized Welsh Coal Charterparty (AMWELSH) is a type of charterparty document. In maritime law, a charterparty is a contract between the owner of a vessel and the charterer. The charterparty outlines the terms and conditions under which the vessel is to be used or rented. These terms might include the type of cargo, the ports to be visited, and the duration of the charter, among other things.

The Americanized Welsh Coal Charterparty (AMWELSH) specifically refers to a form of charterparty that was created by the American maritime industry, based on the traditional Welsh Coal Charterparty. This document is often used when chartering vessels for the transportation of coal.

This charterparty is a detailed document that outlines the responsibilities and rights of both parties involved in the charter. It covers matters such as loading and unloading of cargo, payment of freight, and possible damages or delays.

Please note that AMWELSH, like any legal document, should be carefully reviewed and understood by both parties involved in the charter. Any alterations or additions to the standard document should be clearly agreed upon by both parties. For this reason, it’s usually recommended to involve a legal professional when dealing with charterparties.


Australian Coal Charterparty (AUSCOAL)

A Charterparty (or Charter-Party) is a contract between a shipowner and a charterer for the hire of a ship for the carriage of goods. This contract specifies the details about the rental terms of the vessel, cargo to be transported, the route or routes to be taken, and the costs involved.

The Australian Coal Charterparty (AUSCOAL) is a specialized charterparty developed for the Australian coal industry, focusing on the specific conditions and needs of this trade. It’s a legal document designed to manage the transport and sale of coal from Australia to other parts of the world.

Given the specific requirements of the coal industry and the uniqueness of Australian maritime regulations and coal export procedures, the AUSCOAL is a critical instrument in managing these relationships and ensuring that all parties understand their obligations and the potential risks involved.

We can highlight the standard clauses found in most charterparties, which would likely also be included in an Australian Coal Charterparty (AUSCOAL):

  1. Names of Parties: The agreement will state the names and addresses of the shipowner and the charterer.
  2. Description of the Vessel: The charterparty will provide details of the vessel, including its name, class, nationality, tonnage, and other relevant details.
  3. Cargo Details: Detailed description of the cargo to be carried, in this case, different types of coal.
  4. Loading and Discharging Ports: The agreement will specify the ports where the cargo will be loaded and discharged. In the context of AUSCOAL, these ports would likely be in Australia and the destination country, respectively.
  5. Freight Rate: The amount of money that the charterer agrees to pay the shipowner for transporting the cargo, usually per ton.
  6. Laytime and Demurrage: These clauses deal with the time allowed for loading and discharging the cargo. If the charterer exceeds this time, they will have to pay demurrage, a penalty for delay.
  7. Payment Terms: When and how the freight will be paid.
  8. Force Majeure: This clause excuses a party from not performing their contractual obligations due to unforeseen events beyond their control.
  9. Dispute Resolution: In case of a disagreement, this clause outlines how the parties will resolve their disputes, typically through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings.
  10. Insurance and Liability: This section describes who is responsible for insuring the vessel and the cargo, and who bears liability for damage or loss.

Remember that these are only general elements found in a charterparty and the specific terms in an Australian Coal Charterparty (AUSCOAL) could vary widely based on the specific arrangement between the shipowner and the charterer.


BIMCO Coal Voyage Charterparty (POLCOAL VOY)

The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) is a prominent international shipping association that provides a variety of standard contracts and clauses used for shipping, including voyage charterparties. The BIMCO Coal Voyage Charterparty (POLCOAL VOY) is an example of such a contract, designed specifically for the carriage of coal.

A voyage charterparty is an agreement between a shipowner (or the owner’s representative, usually a shipping company) and a charterer. This agreement allows the charterer to hire the ship for a specific voyage, usually from one port to another. In this case, the POLCOAL VOY charterparty is structured for the transport of coal specifically.


Soviet Coal Charterparty (SOVCOAL)

The “Soviet Coal Charterparty” (SOVCOAL) refers to a specific form or standard set of terms and conditions for a charterparty related to the carriage of coal from or to Soviet Union.