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Montreal based Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) controlled bulk carrier 35K DWT MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin grounded at the coast of Cardinal, Ontario, Canada. MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin was transporting iron ore to Quebec City. Currently, St Lawrence Seaway traffic is moving freely. According to Canada Steamship Lines (CSL), MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin’s grounding is under probe. No damage has been reported. Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) has been assessing the circumstances and adjusting a salvage plan for the disabled MV Rt Hon Paul J Martin. Montreal based shipowner and operator Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) stated regrets for any inconvenience prompted by the incident.


Montreal based Canada Steamship Lines (CSL), which is currently the world’s largest owner and operator of self-unloading ships, has revealed that its joint venture with German shipowner Hans-Jurgen Hartmann has exercised an option for a second newbuilding at Chengxi Shipyard, China. Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) is led by Louis Martel. After six years, Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) returns to China for self-unloaders newbuilding. Self-unloaders are a niche market with limited charterers.

Montreal based Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) found a suitable tie-up with German shipowner Hans-Jurgen Hartmann’s aggregates trading group Mibau Stema which is an offshoot of Hartmann’s Denmark-­based Stema Shipping. After exercising the second newbuilding option, Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) and Hartmann jointly have two new-buildings on order at Chengxi Shipyard, China. Two (2) self-unloader new-buildings 40K DWT are due for delivery in July 2020 and June 2021 for the account of Mibau Stema Shipping. Hartmann’s aggregates trading group Mibau Stema Group is one of the largest heavy-construction materials suppliers in Northern Europe. Mibau Stema Group ‘s shipping arm Mibau Stema Shipping is carrying more than 10 million tonnes per year in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. North Sea and Baltic Sea is a sort of niche market ­opportunity for Canadian shipowner Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) which foresees limited growth prospects in the Great Lakes. Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) has ­developed new markets in North America, Australia, and Europe through the years.

In 2018, Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) took a 50% stake in ­Eureka Shipping as a joint venture with Cyprus based SMT Shipping Group. Eureka Shipping is in the cement shipping business. Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) and SMT Shipping Group joint venture will combine the expertise, resources, and technologies of two strong companies. Montreal based Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) has a fleet of 44 ships which comprise of self-unloaders, conventional geared bulk carriers, and transshipment vessels.


A severe fire broke out on Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) self-unloader 1993 built 51K DWT MV Iron Chieftain. Fire began on ship’s conveyor belt in Port Kembla, Australia. MV Iron Chieftain’s 20 crew were evacuated and no injuries had been reported. MV Iron Chieftain was carrying dolomite cargo. Fire broke out during offloading operation.


Panama based Cullan Maritime sold 1990 built panamax bulk carrier 67K DWT MV Anita (ex MV CSL Atlas) to Indian scrapyard for about $4 million. In May 2016, Cullan Maritime bought MV Anita (ex MV CSL Atlas) from Canada Steamship Lines (CSL). Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) also sold 1985 built dry bulk carrier 1985 built 38K DWT M/V Atlantic Erie for demolition for $2 million.