Denmar Chartering and Trading


American fuel supplier World Fuel Services requested an order to arrest supramax dry bulk carrier 2011 built 56K DWT MV AS Varesia in New Orleans, USA over a bunkers bill that has allegedly gone unpaid by Denmar Chartering and Trading for 4 years. Currently, supramax dry bulk carrier 2011 built 56K DWT M/V AS Varesia is owned by Germany’s Ahrenkiel Steamship.

German shipowner and operator Denmar Chartering and Trading has never paid the more than $612,000 bill and American World Fuel alleges that it sold Denmar Chartering and Trading nearly 1,000 tonnes of bunkers for the MV AS Varesia in Singapore in November 2012 and never paid. There are no allegations against Ahrenkiel Steamship, but American law allows bunker suppliers to arrest a ship over unpaid fuel bills even when they involve its former charterer.