End of Lay time

Once cargo operations are completed, the vessel will immediately begin to perform the voyage for which it has been chartered.

In practice, this may not be readily possible due to further formalities that may need to be performed in port. Such formalities may include operations to lash and secure the cargo and interactions with customers, government officials, or banking officers due to disputes between parties that have an interest in the cargo. Such eventualities may be provided for in the charter party.

However, even if no provision exists and delays that are beyond the owner’s control occur, then such delays count as lay time. Once started, cargo operations should continue uninterrupted until cargo is fully loaded or discharged or until the available laytime is exhausted.

Laytime ends upon the completion of cargo operations. If further work is needed with respect to trimming, stowing, or lashing the cargo, then the time spent may be added to laytime.