Lakes-fitted leader shipowner and operator Fednav has been developing next-generation bulk carriers with Japanese shipyards. Canadian shipowner and operator Fednav wants to be a step ahead of rivals. Therefore, Fednav ordered six (6) more new-buildings at Oshima Shipbuilding. CEO Paul Pathy explained that Fednav is taking initiative by developing the next generation of lakes-fitted bulk carriers for its fleet growth. Fednav’s fleet is more efficient than competitors. Furthermore, Fednav has seen the shift towards digitalization and technology.

Fednav recognized the impact of digitalization and technology has on shipping. Up to now, Fednav has ordered more than 20 bulk carriers in Japan. Generation four bulk carriers are an optimization of both cargo lift, fuel efficiency, and technology. According to CEO Paul Pathy, Fednav must push on technology and find ways to compete against global bulk carrier operators.

Canada based Fednav is a leading lakes-fitted bulk carrier operator in the international trade and in the Canadian Arctic. Fednav manages more than 100 bulk carriers. Out of 100 bulk carriers, Fednav owns 63 of them. Fednav’s focus is on Great Lakes and Atlantic Basin. Montreal based Fednav prefers Japanese-built bulk carriers. According to Fednav, Japan shipbuilders are building the world’s best-quality ships.


Canadian shipowner and operator Fednav’s handymax dry bulk carrier MV Federal Iris suffers engine explosion off Oregon, Portland. 2016 built handymax dry bulk carrier 63K DWT MV Federal Iris was 120 miles west of the Columbia River entrance after main diesel engine components malfunctioned and caused a localized explosion. None of the 21 crew members injuries has been reported. USCG said in a statement that MV Federal Iris main propulsion system is inoperable. On February 23, USCG’s Marine Safety Unit Portland received notification that MV Federal Iris had experienced a marine diesel engine explosion. MV Federal Iris enacted emergency salvage operations by towing tugs. Panama flagged MV Federal Iris was en route from the Port of Changzhou, China, to pick up cargo in Longview, Washington USA. 2016 built handymax dry bulk carrier 63K DWT MV Federal Iris is owned by Japanese Daiwa Kisen and chartered out Fednav.