Freight Market Reporting

Freight Market Reporting


Fixtures and charter rates are reported in the shipping press. For example, Lloyd’s List prints them daily. The main distinction in freight market reporting occurs between voyage and time charters. Often reports on fixtures are classified by cargo type (e.g., coal, grain, oil), by fixture (e.g., time charter), by ship type, or by geographical region. Certain services by shipbroking bodies, such as Clarkson, Simpson Spence and Young (SSY), New York Shipbrokers undertake through their specialized departments to collect relevant information.

Lloyd’s Maritime Information Services collects all information about almost all fixtures around the world. Others receive this information and process it to analyze markets and report weekly or monthly averages. Typical freight market reports for different cargoes and different ships would be as follows:

Freight market reporting: dry cargo voyage charter Seven Islands to Rotterdam-Rubena N, 180,000 mtons iron ore, $19.50 per ton, FIO, seven days shinc, May 20-30 (TKS): The vessel Rubena N has been chartered to load cargo at Seven Islands in Canada and transport it to Rotterdam. The cargo consists of 180,000 tons of iron ore, at a freight rate of $19.50 per ton. The charter is FIO (free in out to shipowner) which means the charterer pays for cargo handling costs. Seven days are allowed for loading and discharge (laytime), Sundays and holidays included (shine), The vessel must present itself ready to load between May 20 and 30, and the charterers are Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Steel (TKS).

Freight market reporting: dry bulk market spot rates: US Gulf to Japan- Tai Zhou Hai, 52,000-54,00t heavy grains, $24.25 FIO, basis no combination, eleven days, mid-March (Korea Line). Route, name of ship, cargo tonnage, cargo type, freight rate FIO, direct-no other port calling (no combination), laytime (in both pickup and discharge ports), and charterer are specified. This is a part cargo, since Tai Zhou Hai is registered as 64,170 DWT.

Freight market reporting: dry time charters Mineral Hong Kong (175,000 DWT, 14/54.7L, 14.5/47.3B, 2006 built) delivery worldwide Nov I-Dec 31, 2013, redelivery worldwide, three years, $52,500 daily (Glory Wealth)

The ship named Mineral Hong Kong, a 2006 built dry bulk carrier of 175,000 DWT was time chartered to the company Glory Wealth for $52,500 per day. The ship’s speed and fuel consumption are 14 knots and 54.7 tons fuel oil per day when loaded and 14.5 knots and 47.3 tons fuel oil per day when in ballast. The vessel is to be delivered to the charterers between November 1 and December 31, 2013, and to be redelivered three years later (locations specified as worldwide although for shorter-term time charters a specific port or geographical range would be specified in the charter party).

Time charter rates report: Cape Juniper (170,000 DWT, built 1997) delivery Japan, end March, Pacific round voyage, $18,000/day (K Line). The ship Cape Juniper of 170,000 DWT and built in 1997 was time chartered for a Pacific round trip voyage, delivery in Japan at the end of March for $18,000 per day by K Line.