Goldenport Shipmanagement

Greek ship-manager and operator Goldenport Shipmanagement acquired 2014 built ultramax bulk carrier 61K DWT MV Devongate for about $16 million. Currently, Goldenport Shipmanagement has a fleet of 13 bulk carriers. Furthermore, Goldenport Shipmanagement is going to take the delivery of ultramax bulk carrier 63K DWT MV GW Mathilde from Cosco Shipping Heavy Industries Yangzhou at the end of August. In September 2019, Goldenport Shipmanagement acquired handysize containership from Shoei Kisen. In June 2020, Goldenport Shipmanagement sold a sub-panamax containership to demolition. Greek ship-manager and operator Goldenport Shipmanagement acquired ultramax bulk carrier from Eastern Pacific which planned to exit the smaller bulker segments and concentrate on capesize bulk carriers. 5-August-2020


Greek ship-manager and operator Goldenport Shipmanagement has booked ultramax dry bulk newbuilding 63K DWT Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry (CHI) Yangzhou, China. Goldenport Shipmanagement’s first newbuilding orders after more than four years. Ultramax bulk carriers will be delivered in Q1 2020. Goldenport Shipmanagement placed its last dry bulk order five handysize bulk carriers at Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry (CHI) in the spring of 2014. Five handysize bulk carriers were all delivered by 2017. John Dragnis led Goldenport Shipmanagement is satisfied with the prior performance and quality of the Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry (CHI). Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry (CHI) Yangzhou has been building ultra­max bulk carriers for other shipowners like Tomini Shipping and Union Maritime. Previously constructed  Chinese ultramax new-buildings had a price tag of $27 million each.­ Dragnis family-controlled Goldenport Shipmanagement has newbuilding plans on the tanker segment. Last year, Dragnis family tanker arm OceanGold ordered crude and product tankers at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding and Daehan Shipbuilding. Ultramax bulk carrier new-buildings will be the biggest bulk carriers in Goldenport Shipmanagement’s fleet. Currently, Goldenport Shipmanagement’s bulk fleet consists of 1 post-­panamax, 5 supramax, and 6 handysize bulk carriers. 8-January-2019