HSS Heavy Grains Soyabeans Sorghums

Durrah: A kind of millet much cultivated in Asia and in Africa as a substitute for rice, being moved in bags over relatively short sea distances.

HSS: A shipping term covering (H) Heavy Grains, (S) Soyabeans and (S) Sorghums  (Kaffir or Kafficorn =  Sorghums)

  • Sorghums: The seeds of similar cane-like grasses such as milo and kaffir corn, exported principally from the USA, Australia and South America and largely carried in bulk.
  • Soyabeans: A widely cultivated plant, shipped extensively from the USA and South America, and imported throughout the World, particularly in the Far East and the EEe. The seeds can be used to supplement processed food as soya flour; as cattle fodder; even to aid the plastics industry; apart from the use of its oils for such as margarine.

Linseed: The versatile and widespread seed of the Flax plant, its oils being used in the manufacture of linoleum; for putty; as a preservative for wood; for Iinimentsrand mixing pigments
Lupin: An increasingly popular, heavy stowing seed crop with a high protein content, useful as animal feed and capable of commercial growing throughout the arable world, a principal exporter being Australia.

  • Durrah Bulk Stowage Factor 47/48
  • Durrah Bagged Stowage Factor 59/61
  • HSS Bulk Stowage Factor 47/52
  • HSS Bagged Stowage Factor 52/54
  • Linseed Bulk Stowage Factor 50/55
  • Linseed Bagged Stowage Factor 55/60
  • Lupinseed Bulk Stowage Factor 44/48