Ilios Shipping


Ilios Shipping scrapped 1989 built bulk carrier 69K DWT DWT M/V Agios Emilianos in India for around $2 million. CEO Panos Eliopoulos aiming at ships of a maximum of three (3) years old.

Ilios Shipping bought M/V Agios Emilianos as M/V Sea Synergy for $22.75 million in 2007. Panamax specialist Ilios Shipping sold four (4) 1980s-built bulk carriers at lucrative levels between 2007 and 2011. Currently, Ilios Shipping is now is left with three bulkers, two 2004 built panamax bulk carriers plus the 80,000 M/V Agia Valentini (built 2012). Ilios Shipping purchased M/V Agia Valentini as resale in November 2011 for $32.75 million.