Intercargo (The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners) was the idea of the late Antony Chandris who saw a need for a new international organisation to represent the interests of shipowners in the dry cargo (bulk) sector. Intertanko had shown what such an organisation could do for owners of tanker tonnage. The first meeting was in 1980, composed of founding members drawn largely from Greece with a handful from Scandinavia and Hong Kong. In twenty years the membership has grown to over one hundred companies and groups who between them control some 30 million tons deadweight. Intercargo is unique as the only international shipowners’ group whose sole objective is the promotion and protection of the interests of private, independent owners in the dry bulk sector. It deals with a specialized and complex area of shipowning which has its own problems largely unrelated, although not entirely, to those of other sectors. Its concerns are policy issues of a governmental or commercial nature, which affect the overall health of the sector and not practical day to day questions, which are best dealt with by others or together with them. (Intercargo is required under its Constitution not to duplicate the work of other bodies but where appropriate to work with them). Services provided by Intercargo to its members include an information service, advice, guidance and representation, with an active committee structure looking after policy, technical and commercial issues and participation in the work of the IMO, where the organisation has observer status. For information and news on Intercargo’s current activities, have a look at their website at