INTERTANKO is The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners, established in 1970. Its three main goals are quoted as “safe transport, cleaner seas and free competition”. Independent Owners control more than 70% of the world’s tanker tonnage, and Intertanko represents over 75% of this sector, acting as a service association gathering intelligence and dispensing advice and information to members. Membership is open to owners and managing operators of tankers which are independent, excluding tonnage owned by oil companies and governmental agencies, and numbers some 240 owners and operators controlling tankers, with in addition a further 300
Associate Members. Part of the success of Intertanko is that it has shown its usefulness as a pressure group, and thus become an effective organ for promoting the interests of the independent owner. Not only does Intertanko gather information and provide an intelligence centre for members; it has also always been particularly interested in documentary work and has pioneered and published forms for all types of tanker chartering. In addition it takes a keen interest in all aspects of maritime safety, particularly those affecting tanker operators, their ships, officers and crews. Intertanko has an informative website at where the latest news of its activities can be found alongside useful links to other tanker related sites.