Norvic Shipping


Toronto-based bulk carrier operator Norvic Shipping has been moving key managerial positions to New York. Toronto-based bulk carrier operator Norvic Shipping needs to be closer to the business atmosphere in the US market. Currently, Norvic Shipping is led by CEO Peter Borup.

Toronto-based bulk carrier operator Norvic Shipping operates mostly handy and supramax bulk carriers. Norvic Shipping has not been considering to invest in bulk carriers. Norvic Shipping is endeavoring to remain as a pure operator. Norvic Shipping has even avoided taking ships on long-term charters. Currently, in this volatile shipping market, it is feasible to prefer short-term charters. Norvic Shipping reported a profit in 2018. Norvic Shipping’s main purpose is to operate more efficiently with the current team.

Norvic Shipping has been located in Copenhagen, Toronto, New York, Houston, Dubai, Singapore, New Delhi and Dubai. Norvic Shipping was founded in Toronto in 2006. Initially, Norvic Shipping was concentrating on tanker segments and still has an insignificant involvement in the tanker market. In 2018, Norvic Shipping has doubled its turnover.


Toronto-based tanker and bulker operator Norvic Shipping appointed Urs Dur as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the New York office. Urs Dur recently worked as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Guardian Navigation formerly known as TBS Shipping. Prior to Guardian Navigation, Urs Dur has held senior positions at Clarkson Capital Markets, Lazard Capital Markets, DVB Bank and Marine Money International. Norvic Shipping operates about 100 dry bulk carriers. Recently, Norvic Shipping has been shifting its management functions to the New York office.