Ship Positions Example

Ship Positions Example

A position is the term for bidding in shipping and refers to the response from the party offering the chartering service or ship.

A position typically includes the following elements:

• Type of ship, name, and when and where it will be open
• Ship specifications, age, flag, SDWT, draft, LOA, beam, GT, NT, speed, consumption
• Hold and hatch specifications
• Grain and bale capacity
• Volume of cargo and SF
• Loading and Discharge rates (proposed)

If what is proposed satisfies the order, the next step is voyage calculation and a firm offer.

Consider the following Ship Positions Example:

• Open Haiphong, 23-29 November 2022. Short trip within the Far East
• SDBC 2022 Panama Flag 34,676 DWT on 10.65 m
• LOA/beam 179.28/28.0 m
• 22.072 GT / 11.132 NT
• Grain/Bale 44,020.5/42,721
• 4 cranes 4 x 30 tons/4 grabs 12 cbm; CO2 fitted
• 5 HO/HA; hatch dimensions: 1 & 5-length: 20.00/breadth:
14.00; 2, 3 & 4-length: 20.80/breadth: 19.60; hatch-covers hamworthykse/end folding jack-knife weather tight operated by hydraulic cylinder
• About 14.0 knots on abt 28.0 mts (Laden)/About 14.0 knots on abt 27.0 mts (Ballast)
• ECO SPEED: abt 13.0 knots on abt 25.0 mts
(Laden and Ballast) NDAS (No Diesel Oil At Sea)

This example of a position concerns the MV HANDYBULK YAGMUR set to be open and available for charter in Haiphong between November 23 and 29, 2022, and looking for a short trip within the Far East.

MV HANDYBULK YAGMUR is a bulk carrier built in 2022 and flies the Panama Flag. Its specifications are 34,676 metric tons deadweight on 10.65 summer draft and length overall of 179.28 m and beam 28.0 m.

MV HANDYBULK YAGMUR weight specifications are 22,072 GT / 11,132 NT and it has five holds and five hatches. The hatch dimensions and other details are given, as well as the specifications of the hydraulic system used to operate them. The grain and bale capacity are also provided.

Importantly, speed and consumption of bunkers are stated when the MV HANDYBULK YAGMUR is laden and in ballast. CO2 fitted indicates that there is firefighting equipment fitted in the cargo holds-smoke detectors, alarms, and cylinders to release CO2, NDAS indicates that there is no diesel oil consumption during normal steaming at sea.