Ship Without Guarantee WOG

Ship Without Guarantee WOG

Ship is described in terms which are referred to as being without shipowners guarantee.

The common abbreviation for Ship Without Guarantee is WOG.

The courts have held that the effect of such a term has been to remove Shipowners’ obligations in relation to the description of the ship.

Therefore, in circumstances where Shipowners had provided an honest, not fraudulent, description of the ship, in good faith, even where it was incorrect, the reference to the description being Without Guarantee (WOG) has been held to have removed the Shipowners’ obligations and the charterers’ right to claim damages for misdescription.

In the context of a speed and performance warranty the Shipowners of the M/V Upa were held not to have given any warranty of performance where the ship’s speed and fuel consumption were described as being Without Guarantee (WOG).