Taiwan Navigation

Taiwanese partly stated-owned shipowner and operator Taiwan Navigation sold 2004 built kamsarmax bulk carrier 77K DWT MV Tai Promotion for around $6.5 million. In 2004, MV Tai Promotion was built at Taiwan’s shipyard CSBC. Taipei-based Taiwan Navigation has been in a fleet renewal programme. In June 2019, Taiwan Navigation sold MV Tai Promotion’ sistership 2004 built kamsarmax bulk carrier 77K DWT MV Tai Progress for around $7.5 million to Chinese shipowner and operator YKJ Shipping. In August 2018, Taiwan Navigation ordered scrubber-fitted ultramax bulk carriers at Oshima Shipbuilding. In February 2019, Taiwan Navigation ordered two (2) 80K DWT kamsarmax bulk carriers at Namura Shipbuilding. In November 2019, Taiwan Navigation ordered one (1) 80K DWT kamsarmax bulk carrier at Namura Shipbuilding and one (1) scrubber-fitted ultramax bulk carrier at Oshima Shipbuilding. Currently, Taiwanese partly stated-owned shipowner and operator Taiwan Navigation has a fleet of 15 bulk carriers. 24-August-2020


Taiwan Navigation has been selling vintage bulk carriers. Taiwan Navigation has been in the fleet renewal programme. Taiwan Navigation ordered four (4) kamsarmax newbuilding bulk carriers. Furthermore, Taiwan Navigation ordered two (2) ultramax dry bulk carriers at Oshima Shipbuilding and Namura Shipbuilding. Taiwan Navigation is preparing to sell 2004 built 77K DWT MV Tai Progress which has been inspected by Chinese shipowners. Chinese private shipowners will be the possible purchasers of vintage panamax bulk carrier. 77K DWT MV Tai Progress was built in 2004 at CSBC Corporation. According to dry bulk carrier experts MV Tai Progress will probably fetch around $8million. Unquestionably, Chinese shipowners will not be acquiring MV Tai Progress for domestic trading. MV Tai Progress is extremely old to meet the Chinese government’s emissions specifications for tonnage imported into the Chinese flag for domestic trade. MV Tai Progress can be used only in international trades. In addition to MV Tai Progress, Taiwan Navigation has been attempting to sell 2004 built supramax bulk carrier 52K DWT MV Tai Happiness. Chinese shipowners are now principally interested in 5 to 8-year-old supramax up to panamax bulk carriers. Majority shares of Taiwan Navigation is owned by the Taiwanese state. Additionally, Taipei-based capesize shipowner Chinese Maritime Transport holds a tiny amount of Taiwan Navigation’s shares. Taiwan Navigation is a shareholder in Taiwanese container line Yang Ming Marine Transport. 25-June-2019