Time Charter Ship Fixtures

Time Charter (T/C or TCT or TC) are fixed in the same way like Voyage Charters. However the details required for the firm offer will be different, and a time charterer needs to know a great deal more about the ship and her suitability for charterers requirements. Thus a firm offer for time charter would look like this: Reply by, For account of, Name and description of ship including speed and consumption (note that this has to be realistic as it forms the basis of performance assessments), Delivery (when/where ready, Dropping Outward Pilot (DOP), passing X), Period Time Charter or Trip Time Charter, Redelivery (when/where ready), Trading area, always within institute warranties, excluded countries, Intended trade, excluded cargoes, Rate of Hire (daily or $ per dwt per month) Ballast bonus, Cargo-handling equipment, Overtime, Where and how paid Bunkers, Quantities and prices on delivery and re-delivery charterparty form, Commission, Subjects.