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China continues to face significant challenges in its real estate sector, a crucial component of the economy that heavily influences the dry bulk shipping industry. Despite China’s introduction of property-focused stimulus measures in May 2024, the troubles show few signs of abating. Last month, the country experienced the largest decline in new home prices in nearly a decade. In response, Beijing has implemented comprehensive strategies to support the faltering property market, which include directives for local governments to purchase unsold homes from struggling developers and the relaxation of purchasing regulations. Currently, there are 60 million unsold apartments in China, reflecting the scale of the issue. The real estate sector accounts for about 25-30% of China’s GDP and approximately one-third of its domestic steel demand. Over the past four years, the property market has been contracting, reducing its proportion of domestic steel demand from about 40% in 2020 to an estimated 33% in 2023. However, other industrial sectors such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, infrastructure, and manufacturing have demonstrated robust growth throughout 2023 and continue to receive strong governmental support in 2024. This economic activity has significant implications for companies like Trafigura Maritime Logistics, a subsidiary of Trafigura Group, which specializes in the shipping and logistics of commodities. The firm’s operations are intricately linked to global commodity flows, and the health of China’s major industrial sectors can influence shipping routes, freight volumes, and logistical strategies. Saad Rahim, Chief Economist at Trafigura Group, has criticized the excessive focus on China’s real estate issues in the media. He emphasized that despite the gloomy narrative surrounding the property sector, China’s record demand for copper, aluminum, oil, and gas last year suggests a broader economic resilience. According to Rahim, infrastructure investments and manufacturing sectors remain exceptionally strong, underscoring the complexity and robustness of China’s economy beyond the property market concerns. The success of these sectors contributes directly to the operational dynamics of Trafigura Maritime Logistics, as they ensure a steady demand for the logistical services the company provides, highlighting the interconnected nature of global trade and industry. 21-June-2024


Commodity trading giant Trafigura Group has settled a London lawsuit brought by Hyphen Trading Ltd after selling them a cargo of nickel ore that was part of a high-profile fraud. Commodity trader Trafigura Group is still dealing with the fallout of a massive alleged nickel ore scam that rocked global metal markets in 2023 when Trafigura Group revealed it had paid nearly $600 million for nickel only to discover that the cargoes actually contained worthless rubble. Reuben brothers brought the case through their company Hyphen Trading Ltd, claiming that commodity trader Trafigura Group had delivered fraudulent shipping documents when it sold them a cargo of nickel ore. Hyphen Trading Ltd was seeking the $8.4 million it paid for the metal, plus costs and interest. Commodity trader Trafigura Group has now settled the case and paid Hyphen Trading Ltd. A court order dated May 20, 2024, shows that the case has been dismissed “by consent.” Commodity trader Trafigura Group confirmed the case had been settled. The case centered on 404 tons of nickel ore that Hyphen Trading Ltd bought from Trafigura Group in September 2022. After struggling to locate the cargo to take delivery, Hyphen Trading Ltd alleged that the Bill of Lading (B/L) it had received from Trafigura Group was “likely to be a fraudulent document.” Commodity trader Trafigura Group denied that the document was fraudulent, but in an amended defense in January 2024 admitted that the goods it sold to Hyphen Trading Ltd were “part of the Gupta Fraud and are therefore likely not to be LME grade nickel ore but are likely instead to be some other cheaper material.” In 2023, Hyphen Trading Ltd brought another legal action against Trafigura Group in Singapore over a different cargo of nickel ore, which both companies claimed to own. That case is ongoing. Meanwhile, commodity trader Trafigura Group is continuing its legal battle against Prateek Gupta, the man it accuses of perpetrating the fraud against it. In December 2023, a judge dismissed Prateek Gupta’s attempt to lift a freezing order against him, finding he had not provided evidence to support his claim that Trafigura Group traders knew of the alleged fraud. 7-June-2024


Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd is set to pilot a groundbreaking system designed to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while enhancing vessel efficiency. The initiative involves the installation of Daphne Technology’s PureMetrics equipment on an LNG carrier, which is scheduled for summer 2024. This carrier is managed by Athens-based Latsco LNG. The PureMetrics technology offers direct, real-time measurement and reporting of GHG emissions, providing more accuracy than traditional methods based on fuel consumption estimates. By doing so, it also ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations, including the EU MRV (EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) and IMO DCS (International Maritime Organization Data Collection System). The installation of the PureMetrics system is expected to not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly reduce GHG emissions and associated costs for operators. Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd’s strategy includes integrating this technology seamlessly with existing systems and processes to tackle technical challenges and comply with evolving environmental standards. This initiative by Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd underscores the company’s commitment to implementing practical GHG emission reduction strategies, providing actionable insights for emission optimization, and promoting environmental stewardship on a global scale. Latsco LNG, which owns the 174K DWT LNG vessels MT Hellas Athina and MT Hellas Diana (both built in 2021) chartered to Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd for five years, supports this project. Additionally, as a strategic investor in Daphne Technology, Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd emphasizes that this project stands independently, showcasing the efficacy of the PureMetrics solution. Margaux Moore, who leads the energy transition group and venture capital investments at Daphne Technology, commented that deploying this technology is a vital step towards establishing a baseline for measuring GHG emissions within maritime operations. 15-April-2024


Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd, a major player in commodity trading and ship chartering, is demonstrating its commitment to reducing shipping emissions by focusing on ammonia-powered vessels. The company has set ambitious goals to integrate zero-emission ammonia-powered ships into its fleet, with the aim of having six such vessels by the year 2030. In its 2023 sustainability report, Trafigura reported a significant achievement—a 19% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet of tankers, bulk carriers, and gas carriers when compared to the 2019 baseline set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This reduction reflects the company’s dedication to mitigating the environmental impact of its shipping operations. Ammonia is being considered as a clean fuel option in the maritime industry to reduce carbon emissions, and Trafigura’s commitment to this technology aligns with its efforts to address sustainability and environmental concerns in the shipping sector. Jeremy Weir serves as the CEO of Trafigura, and under his leadership, the company is actively pursuing solutions to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future in shipping. 28-January-2023


Alan Cumming, the Head of Dry Freight Shipping at commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd, anticipates ongoing congestion in bulker markets. Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd foresees potential disruptions at the Panama Canal, possibly extending over a year, impacting dry shipping operations. Trafigura Maritime Logistics, a prominent shipowner and trader, expects this continued congestion to positively influence the bulker markets for the foreseeable future. In the Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd’s annual report, Alan Cumming noted an improvement in cargo movement demand during the second half of the financial year ending September 30, 2023. This increase in demand was reflected in rising freight rates, bolstered by strong global iron ore shipments, significant coal exports from Indonesia, and a large soybean harvest in Brazil. Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte. Ltd. specializes in providing shipping and freight services on a global scale. shipments, significant coal exports from Indonesia, and a large soybean harvest in Brazil. Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte. Ltd.’s primary focus is on facilitating freight for traders of oil, metals, and minerals. Their range of services includes issuing voyage orders, preparing stowage plans, negotiating with port agents, and managing demurrage claims. Through these services, Trafigura Maritime Logistics caters to the needs of a diverse customer base around the world, playing a key role in the logistics and transportation aspects of international trade. 9-December-2023


The commodities trading giant Trafigura Group has acquired H2 Energy Europe and is advancing its plans to significantly increase hydrogen production across Europe. This initiative includes the development of a substantial green hydrogen facility in Denmark. Specifically, Trafigura Group is progressing with plans to construct a 1 GW green hydrogen production plant at the port of Esbjerg, with a final investment decision projected for 2024. Additionally, in South Wales, H2 Energy Europe, under the umbrella of Trafigura Group, has recently taken a concrete step forward by submitting a formal planning application to build a 20 MW green hydrogen production facility within the port of Milford Haven. These developments are part of Trafigura Group’s broader strategy to expand its footprint in the renewable energy sector, particularly in green hydrogen production, across strategic locations in Europe. 11-October-2023


At this year’s Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference (APPEC) in Singapore, a new supply chain carbon emissions platform named “Agora for Energy” was launched. This innovative platform, a collaboration between Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd and Palantir Technologies, is designed to facilitate the sharing and analysis of carbon emissions information and benchmarking carbon intensity within the energy sector. Key initial users of the platform include BP, Ecopetrol, and Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd, all of whom are committed to enhancing the transparency of emissions in the energy supply chain. Agora for Energy leverages S&P Global Commodity Insights’ measures of carbon intensity across various energy sources, including oil, gas, refined products, and biofuels. It allows for the input of primary data by users, enabling a comprehensive understanding of carbon intensity variations in supply chains from the production point. This functionality aids in establishing a standardized approach to assessing assets owned and operated by different companies. The platform’s developers and users are in the process of establishing an advisory committee to focus on standardizing industry reporting of carbon intensity and developing recognized methodologies for such reporting. During its pilot phase, Palantir and Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd tested the platform using real-world scenarios, analyzing over 10 million carbon pathways based on actual commodity shipments. This analysis integrated data and metrics from Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd, supplemented with third-party data. Agora for Energy is not just a tool for sharing and receiving data on carbon emissions within supply chains; it also aims to reduce administrative burdens and increase transparency regarding the overall carbon intensity of supply chains. Moreover, it enables users to evaluate alternative supply chain paths and assess the commercial impacts of carbon pricing mechanisms on these choices, thereby aiding in more informed decision-making regarding supply chain management in light of carbon emissions. 6-September-2023


Methanex’s subsidiary, Waterfront Shipping, has recently engaged in a significant time charter agreement with Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd for the methanol dual-fuel product tanker, MT Mari Innovator, built in 2021. This vessel, owned by Clean Sea Transport—a consortium comprising MSEA Group, Arkview Capital, and Scorpio Tankers—has been under a long-term charter with Waterfront Shipping until this new arrangement with Trafigura Maritime Logistics. This deal is particularly noteworthy as it represents the first instance where a company that is not a methanol producer has chartered a methanol dual-fuel engine tanker. Modi Mano, CEO of Clean Sea Transport, highlighted the MT Mari Innovator’s advanced features, including its third-generation dual-fuel technology, which provides numerous benefits to Trafigura. These advantages include the versatility of fuel options and the potential for cost savings when using methanol. Additionally, the MT Mari Innovator boasts cutting-edge technological innovations and is characterized by exceptionally low fuel consumption for a medium-range tanker. This new agreement with Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd is seen as a groundbreaking development in the tanker space, as dual-fuel methanol business was previously exclusive to entities involved in transporting methanol. Mano pointed out that this deal paves the way for a new market segment, where charterers can utilize dual-fuel tonnage, bunker vessels with methanol, and assess its operational, logistical, and commercial viability. Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd plans to deploy the MT Mari Innovator for standard clean products trading routes. The company is actively advocating for collective action in the shipping industry to address emissions and is investing in novel technologies and vessels to foster a more sustainable shipping sector. This latest move underscores Trafigura’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and leading by example in the transition towards cleaner maritime operations. 8-December-2022


Swiss commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura established a green ammonia bunkering venture in Norway. Trafigura cooperated with Hy2gen and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) for the facility in Sauda, Norway. Trafigura Maritime Logistics controlled green ammonia bunkering venture is called Iverson eFuels. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura will store and bunker ships Sauda, Norway. Trafigura stated that Sauda plant will be fully operational in Q1 2027. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura will produce 600 tonnes of green ammonia per day. Trafigura will be utilizing clean electricity to supply green ammonia for ships. Swiss commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura aim to minimize emissions for shipping. Norway is directing the path in terms of the evolution of ammonia as a ship bunker. In 2021, Azane Fuel Solutions is the first establishment to supply ammonia bunkering services for vessels. Azane Fuel Solutions is a joint venture between Mosvolds Rederi-backed Amon Maritime and ECONNECT Energy. 4-February-2022


Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura accomplished a 22% reduction in total Scope 1 and 2 emissions in 2021. Jeremy Weir-led Trafigura is one of the world’s biggest charterers for over 4,800 voyages annually. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura had promised to decrease operational (Scope 1 and 2) GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions by 30% compared to 2020 by the end of 2023. Trafigura gained reduction by switching to renewable energy-generated electricity at two major European smelters. However, Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura’s Scope 1 emissions raised by 2% overall, mostly as a consequence of improved activity from Trafigura’s bareboat chartered shipping fleet. Shipping emissions contributed 37% of Trafigura’s direct Scope 1 emissions in 2021. Smelting is the considerable carbon-intensive activity within the Trafigura’ followed by refining and mining. In December 2021, Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura declared a target to lower the total shipping emissions by 25% by 2030. In 2022, Trafigura will perform to determine a longer-term method to reduce GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, to set further GHG (Greenhouse Gas) reduction targets from 2024 onwards. Furthermore, Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura declared to convert six (6) ships to use zero-emissions fuels by 2030. Trafigura has been working with MAN Energy Solutions for the development of a green ammonia two-stroke engine by 2024. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura have backed the introduction of low-carbon bunkers across the shipping market. Trafigura has been working with several producers and clients to quantify and lower or discover solutions to reduce or compensate upstream Scope 3 (Greenhouse Gas) emissions. In 2021, Trafigura invested in green hydrogen for industrial customers via a stake in Swiss producer H2 Energy. In 2022, commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura has aligned with the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics and represents the group’s UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) Communication on Progress. 24-January-2022


Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura cooperated with DBS Bank to start a blockchain trading platform in Singapore. Jeremy Weir-led ship chartering giant Trafigura strived at cutting paperwork and enhancing business flows. The first blockchain trading transaction involves iron ore cargo to be exported from Africa to China. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura’s blockchain trading is executed on the ICC Tradeflow platform. Furthermore, ICC Tradeflow platform has the backing of Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) as well as the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), and Perlin. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura and DBS Bank expressed they intend to reduce end-to-end trade document transit time by more than half. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura and DBS Bank will resume enhancing the digital platform. Trafigura’s Asia-Pacific CEO Tan Chin Hwee commented that Trafigura successfully embrace international business finance technology. Commodity trading and ship chartering giant Trafigura and DBS Bank’s collaboration is a promising beginning and this will stimulate the business district to create and pioneer the latest innovations that can strengthen Singapore’s function as the ultimate commodity trading hub. 6-November-2019