Trithorn Bulk

Former XO Shipping boss Ejner Bonderup has been named to manage Thornico’s shipping subsidiary Thorco Projects. Previously, Ejner Bonderup managed XO Shipping, Lauritzen Bulkers, and Norden. Thorco Projects transferred from ship ownership to asset-light chartering business. In October 2019, Ejner Bonderup was selected to the board of Thornico’s Trithorn Bulk. Since then, he was the Chairman of Trithorn Bulk. Danish Thornico Group is a diversified company in various sectors and needs to simplify its shipping arm. Thornico Group aims to settle all the ThornicoGgroup’s shipping ventures in Thornico Shipping. Thornico Group is owned by Christian Stadil and Thor Stadil. 28-May-2020


Danish shipowner and operator Thorco Bulk has changed its name to Trithorn Bulk. There are no changes to the Thorco Bulk’s legal entity, ownership, status management, or personnel other than a name change. Rene Mikkelsen, Uffe Hansen, and Marc Slinger established Trithorn Bulk in 2016 in order to operate an average of 25 dry bulk carriers. Trithorn Bulk is the sister company of global conglomerate Thornico which is active in several industries, including food, real estate, sport, fashion, and packaging. 16-April-2018


Thorco Projects controlled 2014 built 17K DWT MV Thorco Luna has been banned by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) from Australian ports because of failing 3 port state inspections in 2018. MV Thorco Luna is a chartered-in MPP ship that was released from its latest detention at Port Kembla, Australia on 8 June 2018 Friday. MV Thorco Luna has been banned from Australian ports for 3 months. Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) published that most serious deficiencies originated from the point that officers and crew were unfamiliar with the operation of critical shipboard equipment and procedures for navigation and fire safety. Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) published that MV Thorco Luna’s supervisors had regularly displeased to assure that the crew can operate the ship safely and in line with international standards. Thorco Projects has been cooperating with the chartered-in tonnage MV Thorco Luna’s owners and technical managers to get to the origin of the cause and to make sure that the ship complies with all appropriate standards and regulations. 11-June-2018