Vega Bulk Carriers

Vega Bulk Carriers hires general manager for supramax from Eastern Bulk. Norwegian dry bulk operator Vega Bulk Carriers recruits Andreas Skajaa to lead supramax desk. Kenneth Fjeld director of Vega Bulk Carriers. Vega Bulk Carriers hired Andreas Skajaa as its new general manager for its supramax segment. Andreas Skajaa will strengthen the commercial team and build up the dedicated supramax desk, the Oslo-based company Vega Bulk Carriers said. Andreas Skajaa was head of chartering at Eastern Bulk Carriers. 20-December-2023


Vega Bulk Carriers, operating out of Dubai and Oslo, continues its assertive expansion in the maritime industry. The company has recently acquired another vessel, capitalizing on strong period charter rates to sustain its growth. Founded by Norwegian shipowner Kenneth Fjeld, Vega Bulk Carriers started in Dubai in 2021 and has since been actively increasing its presence in the dry bulk sector. Vega Bulk Carriers has rapidly built up its fleet since its entrance into ship ownership last year. Currently, Vega Bulk Carriers owns three bulk carriers and has plans to expand its fleet to five by the beginning of the upcoming summer. This ambitious growth plan is a testament to the Vega Bulk Carriers’ strategic approach and confidence in the bulk shipping market. The latest acquisition by Vega Bulk Carriers is the 2011-built handysize bulk carrier, MV Vega Everest (ex MV Seastar Empress), with a capacity of 35K DWT. This vessel was purchased for around $16.5 million, as confirmed by Kenneth Fjeld, based in Dubai, and Niklas Sindum, based in Oslo.
Vega Bulk Carriers’ proactive approach in acquiring new vessels and its strategic investments reflect the company’s commitment to strengthening its position in the global shipping industry. The decision to continually expand Vega Bulk Carriers’ fleet underscores the company’s optimistic outlook on the profitability and potential of the handysize bulk carrier segment. 17-May-2022


Dry bulk ship operator Vega Bulk Carriers acquired 2008 built supramax bulk carrier 55K DWT MV Vega Stetind (ex MV Aditya) for around $17 million from Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprise (SSOE). Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprise (SSOE) is the shipping arm of Aditya Birla Group. Kenneth Fjelde-led Vega Bulk Carriers was established in Norway in November 2020. Vega Bulk Carriers concentrates on supramax and handymax bulk carriers in the Atlantic market. MV Vega Stetind (ex MV Aditya) was constructed in Japan. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprise (SSOE) acquired MV Vega Stetind (ex MV Aditya) in 2015. Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprise (SSOE) is a significant global trader in sulphur and South African coal. Furthermore, Oslo-based Vega Bulk Carriers has an office in Dubai. Vega Bulk Carriers is part of Vega Group that controls Vega Offshore. 17-August-2021


Vega Bulk Carriers, after its recent launch in Oslo, has made a significant move by transitioning from a ship operator to a shipowner with the acquisition of a supramax bulk carrier. This purchase marks the company’s first foray into owning bulkers, signaling a strategic expansion in its business model. The Oslo-based Vega Bulk Carriers, part of the Vega Group owned and controlled by Kenneth Fjeld, has purchased the supramax from Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprise (SSOE). SSOE, the bulk commodity trading arm of India’s Aditya Birla Group, sold the 2008-built, 55K DWT MV Vega Stetind (ex MV Aditya) to Vega Bulk Carriers. The deal was reportedly valued at $16.5 million, indicating Vega Bulk Carriers’ commitment to establishing itself as a significant player in the bulk shipping market. This acquisition not only marks Vega Bulk Carriers’ entry into ship ownership but also reflects the company’s confidence in the potential of the bulk carrier market. The purchase of MV Vega Stetind (ex MV Aditya) is a strategic addition to the Vega Group’s portfolio and showcases the company’s growth trajectory in the maritime industry. Vega Bulk Carriers’ move into ship ownership represents a notable shift in its operational focus and is likely to impact its future market engagements and business opportunities. 16-August-2021


Vega Bulk Carriers, a new venture in the maritime sector, is set to launch its operations in Oslo, marking a significant shift for Kenneth Fjeld, who is moving away from the offshore support vessel business to enter the bulk carrier market. Fjeld, known for his involvement in the offshore sector, is taking a new direction with the establishment of Vega Bulk Carriers. Vega Bulk Carriers will focus on the commercial management of various types of bulkers, including panamax, supramax, and handymax vessels, specifically targeting the Atlantic market. This strategic focus indicates an interest in capitalizing on the trade flows and market dynamics west of the Suez Canal. Adding to the Vega Bulk Carriers’ momentum, Niklas Sindum, previously the senior vice president of the South Atlantic region at Western Bulk, has resigned from his position and is set to join Vega Bulk Carriers. His appointment and experience will be pivotal for Vega Bulk Carriers as it establishes its presence in the competitive bulk shipping sector. Vega Bulk Carriers is poised to commence operations from its new office in central Oslo next month. This new venture will manage business predominantly in the Atlantic and Baltic regions. Additionally, Vega Bulk Carriers will continue to operate its existing dry cargo operation based in Dubai, suggesting a geographically diverse business strategy that spans key global shipping routes and markets. The launch of Vega Bulk Carriers in Oslo represents a significant development in the bulk shipping industry, highlighting shifts in leadership and strategic direction among maritime enterprises. 20-October-2020


Dry bulk ship operator Vega Bulk Carriers opened an office in Oslo, Norway. Vega Bulk Carriers’ Oslo office is going to concentrate on the chartering of handymax, supramax, and panamax bulk carriers in the Atlantic and Baltic business. Ex-Western Bulk’s manager Niklas Sindum is going to manage Vega Bulk Carriers’ Oslo office. Vega Bulk Carriers’ Dubai will continue to concentrate on the Far Eastern market. Kenneth Fjeld led Vega Bulk Carriers is going to tailor its shipping business to meet the needs of the charterers. Vega Bulk Carriers has strong support from shareholders, funds, and lenders. Besides Vega Bulk Carriers, sister company Vega Offshore operates offshore support vessels since 2010. However, due to the desperate offshore market, Vega Offshore paused its operations. Vega diversified into the dry bulk business by the introduction of Vega Bulk Carriers. Meantime, Vega Bulk Carriers is in discussions to acquire six (6) supramax and handymax bulk carriers from a bank in a distressed asset deal. Vega Bulk Carriers has been looking for new chartering managers by proposing equity stakes in the company. Currently, Vega Bulk Carriers operates two (2) panamax and supramax bulk carriers which are chartered for the long-term. However, in Q1 2021, after the completion of the acquisition, Vega Bulk Carriers is preparing to operate ten (10) bulk carriers. 19-October-2020