Vega Bulk Carriers

Dry bulk ship operator Vega Bulk Carriers opened an office in Oslo, Norway. Vega Bulk Carriers’ Oslo office is going to concentrate on the chartering of handymax, supramax, and panamax bulk carriers in the Atlantic and Baltic business. Ex-Western Bulk’s manager Niklas Sindum is going to manage Vega Bulk Carriers’ Oslo office. Vega Bulk Carriers’ Dubai will continue to concentrate on the Far Eastern market. Kenneth Fjeld led Vega Bulk Carriers is going to tailor its shipping business to meet the needs of the charterers. Vega Bulk Carriers has strong support from shareholders, funds, and lenders. Besides Vega Bulk Carriers, sister company Vega Offshore operates offshore support vessels since 2010. However, due to the desperate offshore market, Vega Offshore paused its operations. Vega diversified into the dry bulk business by the introduction of Vega Bulk Carriers. Meantime, Vega Bulk Carriers is in discussions to acquire six (6) supramax and handymax bulk carriers from a bank in a distressed asset deal. Vega Bulk Carriers has been looking for new chartering managers by proposing equity stakes in the company. Currently, Vega Bulk Carriers operates two (2) panamax and supramax bulk carriers which are chartered for the long-term. However, in Q1 2021, after the completion of the acquisition, Vega Bulk Carriers is preparing to operate ten (10) bulk carriers. 19-October-2020