Vigorous Shipping


Greek shipowner and operator Vigorous Shipping & Trading’s 2005 built supramax dry bulk carrier 52K DWT MV Vigorous has been detained on the Columbia River by plaintiffs Danish Pacific Gulf Shipping Company.

Gourdomichalis brothers led Vigorous Shipping & Trading wants the Danish plaintiffs Pacific Gulf Shipping Company to post a bond to cover the value of both the ship and its cargo with the court as the lawsuit continues at Western Oregon federal court.

52K DWT MV Vigorous remains detained at its berth in Oregon Columbia River and is unable to meet commercial sailing obligations due to continued attachment, all at considerable cost to Vigorous Shipping & Trading. 52K DWT MV Vigorous is laden with a very valuable and perishable cargo of wheat bound for war-torn Yemen to deliver humanitarian relief.

Denmark based Pacific Gulf Shipping Company won the attachment of the 2005 built supramax dry bulk carrier 52K DWT MV Vigorous after filing a $22.6 million suit against Vigorous Shipping & Trading and a slew of other companies connected to the Gourdomichalis brothers two weeks ago. Parent company Blue Wall Shipping, plus manager Phoenix Shipping & Trading are all dominated entirely by the Gourdomichalises brothers, just as Adamastos Shipping & Trading was when the now-scrapped 1995 built panamax dry bulk carrier 73K DWT MV Adamastos was abandoned off the coast of Brazil in 2015.

Vigorous Shipping & Trading had asked the Western Oregon federal court to vacate the attachment, arguing Danish Pacific Gulf Shipping Company failed to describe anything more than the structure of a typical shipping company. But the court granted Danish Pacific Gulf Shipping Company limited discovery to establish the companies as legal alter-egos before deciding. The value of the cargo on board of 52K DWT MV Vigorous is $13 million. Wheat cargo is owned by Al-Saeed Trading Company. Vigorous Shipping & Trading has lost roughly $4.3 million and the ongoing attachment runs $19,205 per day.