Zihni Shipping


Istanbul based Zihni Shipping and Trading sold 2006 built panamax bulk carrier 76K DWT MV F. Ocean (ex MV Bettys Beauty) to Korean shipowner. Asaf Guneri led Zihni Shipping and Trading did not report the price tag of MV F. Ocean (ex MV Bettys Beauty). Currently, ship sale and purchase (S&P) market players are trying to cope with coronavirus pandemic related inconveniences.

Zihni Shipping and Trading was established in 1930 and one of the biggest ship agents in Turkey. Greek Lou Kollakis led Athens based Chartworld Shipping had been operating MV F. Ocean (ex MV Bettys Beauty) since 2016.

MV F. Ocean (ex MV Bettys Beauty) is acquired by Five Ocean Corp and under control of the Korea Asset Management Corporation. MV F. Ocean (ex MV Bettys Beauty) was delivered smoothly to Korea Asset Management in the mid of coronavirus pandemic which impacts ship inspections, ship surveys, crew changes. MV F. Ocean (ex MV Bettys Beauty) was built Sasebo Heavy Industries, Japan in 2006. In 2016, Zihni Shipping and Trading acquired MV F. Ocean (ex MV Bettys Beauty) for around $8 million and current market value of such a bulk carrier is around $8.5 million.

According to Zihni Shipping and Trading, coronavirus pandemic is going to severely affect shipping business due to recession in global trade and shipowners are going to operate under depressed markets.