Aims Shipping

Shortly after being recognized as the purchaser of a kamsarmax bulk carrier from the bank-managed divestiture of Toisa Shipping’s fleet, Pavimar SA has again executed a strategic move, this time realizing its second profitable asset transaction in the past half-year. In the latest deal, Pavimar SA offloaded the Imabari-manufactured 76,600 dwt panamax bulk carrier, MV Toro, fetching roughly $15.5 million. Initially, this Athens-headquartered maritime firm acquired MV Toro for just below $8.5 million back in September 2016. At the start of this year, Pavimar SA also disposed of another Imabari-made vessel, the 51,000 dwt supramax bulk carrier MV Queen P, selling it to the Greek company Aims Shipping for an estimated $12.5 million, having bought it for $10 million in the preceding March. Over the recent period, Pavimar SA has shown remarkable expansion, augmenting its fleet with eight bulk carriers since February 2017. 15-July-2018


Aims Shipping, a company based in Greece, has been confirmed as the buyer of the supramax bulk carrier MV Seven Lady, originally named MV Queen P and built in 2009, from Pavimar SA. The deal for the Imabari-crafted MV Seven Lady was sealed late last year for an estimated $12.5 million. Having taken possession of the MV Queen P, Aims Shipping, situated in Athens, has since renamed it to MV Seven Lady. Pavimar SA enjoyed a significant gain from this sale, netting approximately $2.4 million in just seven months since acquiring the ship, then known as MV Chavin Queen, from NS United Kaiun Kaisha of Japan for around $10 million in May 2017. Aims Shipping, established in 2011 by ex-EastMed professionals Stefanos Pesmazoglou and Michael Stasinopoulos, now operates a diversified fleet of seven ships, including two feeder containerships and five bulk carriers. 22-January-2018


Athens-based Aims Shipping Corporation acquired 2005 built panamax dry bulk carrier 76K DWT MV Tramp Lady (ex MV Red Gardenia) for around $7 million. Aims Shipping Corporation acquired the panamax bulk carrier just before secondhand panamax bulk carrier price tags increased. Currently, MV Tramp Lady (ex MV Red Gardenia) has a price tag of more than $10 million. Athens-based Aims Shipping Corporation was established by Stefanos Pesmazoglou and Michael Stasinopoulos in 2011. In July 2016, Athens-based Aims Shipping Corporation bought a 2004 built panamax dry bulk carrier 76K DWT MV Aqua lady (ex MV Mulberry Paris) for around $5.5 million. Currently, Aims Shipping Corporation has a fleet of seven (7) bulk carriers. 13-April-2017

  • MV SMILEY LADY (1999 built 23K DWT)
  • MV SUMMER LADY (1999 built 72K DWT)
  • MV SCARLET LADY (2001 built 75K DWT)
  • MV SILVER LADY (2003 built 50K DWT)
  • MV TRAMP LADY (2005 built 76K DWT)
  • MV AQUA LADY (2004 built 76K DWT)
  • MV SEVEN LADY (2009 built 51K DWT)