Charter Rates

24/02/2021 Week 7




1 Year T/C


Atlantic RV


Pacific RV


TCE Cont/FarEast

(USD/Day) 13,500 22,093 12,375 28,875





1 Year T/C


Transatlantic RV


TCE Cont/FarEast


TCE FarEast/Cont


TCE FarEast RV

(USD/Day) 15,000 27,435 31,750 5,824 19,792


Handy Handymax Supramax Ultramax Chartering:
Dry bulk freight rates and dry bulk market sentiment remained strong. Baltic Supramax Index (BSI) maintained its positive mode. Panamax bulk carrier rates are increasing. Baltic Supramax Index (BSI) is not at the same pace as Baltic Panamax Index (BPI). Supramax and Panamax period activity increased. Supramax DOP West Mediterranean (WESTMED) via Baltic Fronthaul to India fixed around $19,500. Ultramax open Continent to Mediterranean fixed around $25,000 for scrap cargoes. Supramax open Far East chartered out around $13,500 for a short period (4-6 months). Subrubber-fitted Ultramax open Arabian Gulf (AG) chartered out around $19,500 for a short period (4-6 months).