Italian shipowner and operator d’Amico Societa di Navigazione has explained the difficulties in protecting the well being of seafarers during coronavirus pandemic. Lately, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia tightened their rules on crew changes. Currently, d’Amico Societa di Navigazione controls more than 100 ships and employs around 3,000 seafarers. According to d’Amico Societa di Navigazione, it is difficult to guarantee all seafarers can complete their shifts at sea on time as restrictions change due to coronavirus pandemic. IMO (International Maritime Organization) has been calling on maritime nations to ease restraints on crew changes since March 2020. International Chamber of Shipping has reported that more than 250K crew members have been trapped on board of ships after their contracts expired due to travel restrictions. d’Amico Societa di Navigazione has changed crews in South Korea, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. However, d’Amico Societa di Navigazion’s crew managers presently necessitate to continually review which ports are suitable for crew changes. Furthermore, d’Amico Societa di Navigazion has to pay extra costs for chartering flights during crew changes. Due to coronavirus pandemic, d’Amico Societa di Navigazion has to disembark crew members ahead of the expiry of their contracts if that would ease the crew change process. Currently, d’Amico Societa di Navigazion’s 300 crew members on ships have been waiting to be disembarked at suitable ports. 2-August-2020


Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs) lawsuit between shipowner d’Amico ​Società di Navigazione SpA and Greek Primera Maritime dismissed by New York District Judge. Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs) do not qualify as maritime contracts in English courts. New York District Judge and Appeal Court ruled that Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs) is only a maritime contract if its principal objective is to further maritime commerce, such as when it is used to hedge risks associated with the employment of a vessel. New York District Judge and Appeal Court decided that shipowner d’Amico ​Società di Navigazione SpA used Forward Freight Agreements (FFAs) for speculation rather than to hedge against a drop in shipping prices. 4-September-2016