Voyage Charter Firm Offer Example

Voyage Charter Firm Offer Example

If an owner is interested in responding to the order, he will do so by the way of an offer. The content of a firm offer in the case of a voyage charter includes the following terms:

• Reply by: (place and time limit)
• For account of: (name and background of charterers)
• The ship’s name and particulars (description)
• Name of shipowner (full style)
• Cargo quantity and description of the commodity (more or less %)
• Loading and discharging ports and berths (always afloat! naabsa)
• Laydays! canceling day
• Loading and discharging rates (per weather working day, PWWD/Sundays Holidays Included or Excluded, SHINC/SHEX)
• Demurrage and dispatch rates
• Freight amount and conditions for payment of freight
• Clauses governing time counting, ice clause, etc. (not imperative)
• Commissions (address/brokerage)
• Charter party form
• Subjects (detail/stem/shipper’s-receiver’s approval/owner’s- charterer’s board of directors’ approval)

In the following example, the owners would like to offer firm for reply today, March 30, 2022, 09:00 HRS London time:

• MV HANDYBULK YAGMUR (built, type, class, flag, etc.)
• Account: Cargill

• Owners: HandyBulk LLC
• Cargo: 33,000 mts of Bulk Grain SF 45, 10% moloo
• Load/Discharging Port: 1 SP San Lorenzo/1 SP Santos
• Always afloat bends except NAABSA where customary
• Laycan: May 15-30,2022,00:01-23:59 hrs LT
• Load/disch. rate: 5,000 mts PWWD SHINC / 4,000 mts PWWDSHINC
• Dem: USD 15,000 pd/half dispatch
• Freight rate: USD 30.00 pmt FlO
• Frt payable 95 pct less commission within 7 bank working days after signing/releasing B/L
• Chrtrs agents bends
• Commissions: 2.50 % Add Com + 1.25% NYS (as Shipbrokers)
• All other terms and conditions to be discussed and mutually agreed as per CUT pro forma/executed c/p dd 06.30.2021
• Subjects (detail/stem/shippers’ -receivers’ approval/owner’s- charterer’s board of directors’ approval)

In this example, the shipowners offer firm the bulk carrier MV HANDYBULK YAGMUR (year of built, type, class, flag, etc.) to charterer Cargill, for the carriage of thirty-three thousand metric tons of bulk grain (10 percent more or less owners option) of stowage factor forty-five cubic feet per ton.

The loading and discharging ports are San Lorenzo and Santos (both safe ports) respectively. The ship must be always afloat at both ends or, if not always afloat, safely aground where customary (e.g., when waiting for tides). Laycan is May 15-330, and the loading and discharging rates are specific at five thousand metric tons and four thousand metric tons respectively per weather working days, Sundays and holidays included in the assessment of lay time. The demurrage rate is agreed at fifteen thousand dollars per day, and the dispatch is half of the demurrage rate. The freight rate is thirty dollars per metric ton free-in-out, which means that the charterer pays the loading and discharging costs.

The offer indicates that 95 percent of the freight, less commission, is payable within 7 bank working days after signing and releasing the bills of lading. The charterer must appoint agents at both ends of the trip, and commissions are 2.5 percent Address Commission and 1.25 percent brokerage commission to NYS (as Shipbrokers).

Other terms and conditions are to be mutually negotiated and agreed in accordance to charter party proforma. This is the standard contract form that will be adopted. The offer is valid subject to the details specified.



Voyage Charter Firm Offer Example 2

Charterer: XYZ International Ltd.
Vessel: MV HandyBulk Dream, 60,000 dwt, built 2021
Freight Rate: USD 20,000 per day, payable upon completion of loading
Cargo: 50,000 metric tons of bulk wheat
Load Port: Port of Odessa, Ukraine
Discharge Port: Port of Alexandria, Egypt
Laycan: 1st July 2023 – 7th July 2023
Demurrage: USD 22,000 per day pro rata
Despatch: Half laytime saved
Commissions: 1.25% total, payable to New York Shipbrokers upon freight payment
Special Conditions:

  1. The vessel must pass an independent inspection at the load port prior to loading.
  2. Stevedoring at both load port and discharge port for charterer’s account.
  3. The vessel shall arrive at the load port with holds clean, dry, and ready to load cargo.

This offer remains open for acceptance until 17.00 hours, London time, on 25th May 2023.



Voyage Charter Firm Offer Example 3

Vessel Name: MV HandyBulk Gozde
Flag: Panama
Year Built: 2021
Deadweight: 50,000 MT
Classification Society: American Bureau of Shipping
Cargo Hold Capacity: 60,000 cubic meters
Cargo Information:
Commodity: Steel Coils Quantity: 40,000 Metric Tons Stowage Factor: 10 cbm/mt Loading Port: Baltimore, USA Discharging Port: Rotterdam, The Netherlands Laycan: June 20-30, 2023
Freight Rate: $25.00 per metric ton, payable on delivery.
Demurrage will be at the rate of $20,000 per day or pro-rata for any part of a day, payable by the charterer in the event the allowed laytime is exceeded.
Dispatch will be at half the demurrage rate for loading/discharging completed within the agreed laytime.
Other Terms:
Standard Gencon 1994 charter party form to be used. Payment of freight to be made in US dollars within 3 banking days upon completion of discharging and receipt of all original bills of lading.

Please note that this offer is valid until May 31, 2023, and is subject to the vessel being unsold and the sub-charters/re-lets approval. We await your timely acceptance of our offer.


Voyage Charter Firm Offer Example 4

Vessel: M/V HandBulk Journey, Panamax dry bulk carrier, built in 2021, with deadweight tonnage of 75,000 MT, flying the flag of Panama
Load Port: Any safe port in Houston, Texas, U.S.
Discharge Port: Any safe port in Shanghai, China.
Cargo: Maximum 72,500 metric tons of wheat, 5% more or less in Owner’s option.
Laycan: The vessel is expected to be ready to load between the 10th and 15th of June, 2023.
Freight: USD 35.00 per metric ton, payable within 3 banking days after completion of loading and receipt of relevant documentation.
Demurrage: USD 20,000 per day pro rata for loading and discharging ports.
Despatch: Half demurrage on laytime saved at loading and discharging ports.
Bunkers: Bunker (Fuel) is for the Owner’s account.
Commission: 1.25% total gross freight, payable to New York Shipbrokers as Broker.

This offer is open for acceptance until 12:00 GMT on 27th May 2023. After this time, we reserve the right to withdraw or revise the offer.


Voyage Charter Firm Offer Example 5

55,000 (+/-10%) mtons MOLOO
Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag In Bulk
Laycan : 05-10 June 2023
Load Port : North China Panjin
Disc Port : Chittagong Anchorage
Load rate :14,000 mtons PWWD SHINC
Disc Rate :6,000 mtons PWWD SHINC
Geared+Grabs imperative
2.50% ADCOM + 1.25% NYS


Voyage Charter Firm Offer Example 6

50,000 mtons 10% MOLOO 1/1 Coal
Muara Berau, East Kalimantan (Indonesia)/Go Gia Anchorage (Vietnam)
8,000 mt SHINC/9,000 mt SHINC
Grab-Fitted 4*12 CBM
Days Notification
25-31 May
1.25 TTL COM